Our Authors

This page is dedicated to information about all those who have contributed to to Afrography in the past. If you too would like to get involved, please do not hesitate to get in touch at afrography@live.com

Current Authors

Michael Holford – Admin


Michael was originally born in South Africa and has shared a love for wildlife for as long as he can remember. With a few family members directly involved within the SA tourism industry, a bush trip is never too far from reach! He has been lucky enough to experience the Bushveld of Southern Africa, The Okavango Delta in Botswana and the wonders of East Africa. Having lived in 3 other countries since his first 5 years in SA, he frequently makes trips back to feed his ambition and love for the place.

He set up Afrography in January 2013 as a personal goal to spread his passion for wildlife and photography with the addition of some entertaining stories for visitors to have a nice, quick, daily (and virtual) route back to the bush!

Shaun Taylor – Author (January, 2013)


Alex Tweedie – Author (January, 2013)


An Aussie expat, Alex has lived in South Africa since 2010 after travelling extensively throughout the African continent. Wildlife has always been a passion but she has carved out a reputation for loving the “weirder” ones. Since attaining her field guiding qualifications, she has specialised in the population and identifcation of Spotted Hyaena but has also worked closely with other major carnivores (lions, leopards, cheetah) and high profile animals.

Heavily involved in conservation, Alex finds that through photography, people can not only learn about animals they know of but animals they have never been aware existed. More importantly it brings attention to the plight of many of these animals and the conservation issues that involve them and their ecosystems.

Zoe Cole – Author (January, 2013)


My name is Zoe, I’m in my early twenties, I am English, however raised in Italy.
I love to travel, I recently have been to South Africa, Thailand and New Zealand, both working and volunteering. During this time I could also pursue my hobby of photography. I am hoping to repeat the experience back in South Africa and take a course in photography to improve my technique.
I love being in the outdoors, I’m a keen runner and take a lively interest in environmental issues.

Past Authors

Charles Boed – Author (January 13th – 17th 2013)

Charles was the first addition of the community of authors at Afrography and has already received a lot of attention for his great photos. He has his own blog (http://coolidontknow.wordpress.com/) which he updates frequently with a whole variety of pictures for the public to enjoy.

In his own words “I am a person who loves being in the great outdoors! My love for Africa first started when I lived there for five years. I went on many safaris and loved seeing the animals living a wild life, not in a cage or in a fenced in area like a zoo. I enjoy spending my time taking photos and looking at photos of african scenes.”

Sadly his work has taken over and cannot contribute any further.