Want to contribute to the site? You have 2 options!

1. Become an Author! 

To keep this site going and for it to remain an active community we want to get as many authors as possible! If you are an aspiring or professional photographer with your own content then please GET IN TOUCH! Email us at with the subject to your email as AUTHOR!

We will have short trial period and we may ask for a few examples of your work before kick starting your place in our growing Afrography community!

2. Become a contributor!

If you dont have the photo skills behind you but you DO have the initiative and would like to help contribute towards the upkeep of this site in a ‘head hunting’ sense, checking the net for the best photographs and publishing content with correct referencing then we would LOVE to hear from you. Email and make sure you subject your email as CONTRIBUTE!

3. Submit you experiences!

This part of your contribution is still very much photography focused but we are focused more on the STORY behind the photo, this gives our readers some more depth to the photo and whilst a picture is worth a thousand words, we want to add a little more! Email your photos (do not have to be spectacular) and attatched story to with a subject of STORY!