Welcome to the brand new Afrography community.

Think of this as a showcase. We at Afrography have one vison and one passion. We love wildlife and we want to show it! We aim to be your daily dose of african wildlife. For all of you that share our love and are stuck in the city or some far away country, this is your path back to the bush.


We are here to showcase some of the finest African Wildlife photography in the bush! This really is your easiest route back into the bush, so follow us and throw yourself into the elephant loving, monkey grabbing, warthog praising Afrography site!

If you are a regular wildlife photographer and would like to help us keep the site going with some content of your own OR if you just share a similar passion and want to help out, email our editor and become an Author! Learn all about user roles here.


This side of the site is user focused. If you have any great pics that come with a great story, send your pictures and a connected story of your experience to afrography@live.com

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