Stormy skies …

Once upon a time (October 2012), in a far far far away land (Kenya), a group of odd looking creatures (a herd of cattle) was peacefully having their late afternoon lunch …

I took this picture in Naboisho Conservancy, a large conservancy next to the Masai Mara National Park where approximatively 500 masai people have agreed to lease their land, resettle on the border of the conservancy all for the benefit of the ecosystem conservation. The cows can still graze inside the conservancy but all in all lions, men, and other big five or animal live in a peacefull way most of the time (some incidents do occur unfortunately) and both the community and the ecosystem benefit from that ! The Naboisho conservancy is a billion times more interesting to visit then the National Park itself mainly because you won’t see many cars, the landscape is a bit more varied and they have as many lions per sq kilometers =)


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