Fighting for the Prize

Taken at Kruger National Park, South Africa,

When people arrive in Kruger, they want to see Kruger Lions, but to me, this was a much more interesting sighting. A buffalo carcass was located not too far from Satara Camp and a clan of Spotted Hyaena (about half-a-dozen of them present) were in various stages of feeding from it. It was at the point though that although they wanted more, they were so full, they looked like their bellies would pop so many found a shadey place to rest a while before coming back for second helpings.

This is were the vulutres come in…

The vultures would notice all the hyaena’s back were turned and finally try and get a snack for themselves. Of course the hyaena didn’t want this so would try and guard the meat as much as possible and when a brave bird got too close they would (with or without a warning growl) charge them and make them take off into a nearby tree to try again in a few minutes.



Alex Tweedie


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