African Painting

Taken at Thanda Private Game Reserve,

Wild Dogs are also known under others names – Painted Dogs, Painted Wolf, etc to name only a few but their most common name doesn’t ellude to just how beautiful they are. With only 450 left in South Africa, Wild Dogs are one of the rarer animals to find in the bush. I was recently lucky enough to work with Wildlife ACT for the weekend in Thanda in Kwa-Zulu Natal where I was able to follow the dogs each day and spend some time watching their habits.

The dog pictured became my favourite of the weekend – with a floppy ear, it was easy to pick out amongst the dozen or so others present. Wildlife ACT works in company with KZN Wildlife to track and monitor Wild Dogs in numerous reserves through the province of KZN and also provide monitoring of other high profile animals as needed. Many volunteer organisations such as this rely on support from international communities to continue their work for the ongoing conservation of wonderful animals such as this.

–Alex Tweedie


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