Hiding in the Open

Taken at Selati Game Reserve

Snakes are not as easy to find as everyone thinks they miight be, and often it’s because they are so well camoflagued. This Puff Adder was sitting in the road and it’s not until it was right next to my car door as I drive past, I even realised it was there! Intent on not giving their position away, Puff Adders will remain silent and unmoving even if stood on but don’t try to pick them up because this is when they are known to try and bite.

People’s fear of snakes is unfortunate. The snakes not only don’t want to attack but get away but even if they do, as a human is too big to be food, they don’t generally want to waste their venom (it takes a lot of energy to produce more). It is much more productive to be cautious rather than afraid because then you can keep to a safe distance and observe these beautiful animals.

Alex Tweedie


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