Klaus And The Lion


The man with a good eye and a fantastic creative touch. Enchanting wildlife photography by Klaus Tiedge…

So. As usual, stumbling through the internet looking at photos of Africa, every now and then I come across a real beauty, or hidden GEM if you like. This is exactly what happened here. a stunning photograph, (one of!) by Klaus Tiedge, bringing what may originally have been a beautiful shot of a a male lion in the Savannah, turned into an enchanting capture and bringin a whole new level of beauty to the picture. You can find his website and the whole collection of these wonderful photographs at http://www.klaustiedge.com/. We got in contact and they are very happy for us to share them all with you so enjoy!

SO, for the first time on this blog. Let’s DISCUSS. What do people prefer, beautiful photographs captured by the raw talent of the photographer? Or are we all for the use of Photoshop and imaging editing software to make these photos all the more beautiful… or not? Vote in the poll and comment why!


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