Heard But Not Seen

Taken at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Many birds in forested areas are heard constantly but to actualy see them is a rarity. This particular bird is a common fit to that story – even in my current camp I hear them daily but have seen them only twice in a month!

The Purple-Crested Turaco is an old friend of mine, when doing my Guiding Assessment drive, my assessor asked “What’s that sound?” My response – “I’m not sure, a frog?” Not the best response 10min into the drive! Needless to say I was given a written question to complete post drive. At the time, I had not been taught the particular call of the bird but it’s one I wont ever forget now! It took another 8 months before I finally saw my first one – and I got to see two! (As in the picture.)

–Alex Tweedie


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