Frans and the Gecko

Taken at Soussosvlei, Namibia

We asked our guide, Frans, about how the San Bushmen found food in the desert, he said it was very difficult. You could walk for days following the tracks of the “lazy oryx” (who drags their feet through the sand) but you would have to find little things in the meantime. He points to a little track next to him, it is the track of a small reptile. He follows the track to the edge of a small shrub (very small!) and digs quickly, and pulls out a gecko! These geckos can provide some sustenance for those who have been forced to live in the desert. It responded by biting him, to which he jokingly put it above him mouth indicating he would eat it there and then, but laughed as he put it back on the sand to fight another day.


–Alex Tweedie


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