Kickin’ Up Dust

Taken at Chobe National Park, Botswana

In the setting Botswanan sun, we cruised along the Chobe River. Some of the adventures of being on an overlanding tour is that you will often do things that you didn’t really expect. We all expected this to be your average sunset cruise but instead it was a safari from the water. It was my first visit to this National Park and though I had heard of the huge herds of elephant, I was yet to see them for myself. We had seen crocodiles, herds of buffalo, the odd elephant here and there, hippos a plenty, we were even priveledged with rare sightings of roan, sable and wild dog  (which I was probably the most excited about) but these huge herds, where were they?

As the sun began to fall in the sky, we rounded a bend in the river and on a large plain on the bank they appeared. I estimated at the time there would have been hundreds of them! (The actual estimated population of the whole park is arond 50,000 and possibly the highest concentration in Africa). I, as with my friends onboard, gaped with open mouths watching these magnificent beasts kicking up the dust in their golden surrounds on the river bank.

–Alex Tweedie


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