Kruger Traffic Jam

Taken at Kruger National Park, South Africa

A pride of 11 lions in the middle of the road. This is the type of sighting that many visitors to Kruger would love to see.

Unfortunately at this sighting, it appeared some people weren’t quite so excited to stay and watch with the humor of being in a traffic jam caused by lions. Only a few minutes after this photograph was taken, a white bakkie (ute/ pick up) arrived. In terms of etiquette at sightings, there are a few rules but the biggest one is not to disturb the animal. The bakkie firstly blocked most people’s view by moving into the middle of the sighting but then moved so close to the lions that they moved off the road (the driver’s obvious intent as they seemed to be in a rush even though it was still early morning). As soon as the lions moved out of his way, they left the sighting but for everyone else, it had been ruined. Over the next 5 minutes, the pride moved up a hill and over a ridge.

If you intend on visiting a self-drive Park or Reserve, please be courteous and, for those that aren’t sure, these are the basic rules:

-No getting / hanging out of cars.
-No feeding animals OR littering.
-Not to park in a way where nobody else can see the animal or pass through
-Switch off your engine.
-Not to play animal sounds
(thanks to

and please don’t disturb the animals by driving too close to them with the intent of getting them to move.

–Alex Tweedie




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