The Horn Supremacy

Taken in South Africa*.

We spent a long drive searching for rhino but where did we find them? -Not even 2 minutes away from where we were staying! (In this photo is a male White Rhino is with a Red-Billed Oxpecker but we also found a female, a calf and one we couldn’t identify.)

Sometimes it’s like that on safari. I’ve been fortunate to never have a guest “expect” an animal but it’s also possibly because I state very early on that animals don’t run to the same timetable we do… particularly with doing research rather than a “Ferarri Safari” (“Excuse me Mr Lion, can you be here at this time?” “Sorry, I have a previous booking for lunch with Mrs Impala.”) Sometimes though, they can be the best drives though because you simply don’t know what you’ll bump into. Who would expect to have such huge animals so close to your own beds?

–Alex Tweedie

(*Please note, a protective measure is not to mention the specific locations of rhinos so the author has chosen to only list the country where the photograph was taken.)


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