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Yes there are many important causes that people all over the world believe in and no I am not saying that this is more important than all of our donations that we make day in and day out to fantastic life saving charities. I just have something important to say… so hear me out… Watch THIS and then read on ūüôā

Today, as Afrography is in its essence a place to showcase some of the best African Wildlife photography and stories over the net we want to get things straight. We are not here to be the best, the most popular site, the only site or anything of the sort. We are here for the simple, good natured reason because we love the African bush and we want to share the love with those that feel the same, and even to those who have never experienced its magic.

If you like our blog and you love the motives that drive our inspiration then please let people know, because today I come to you, (late into the evening) with an intention to go beyond our driving motives and to ask those of you that love and comment and write to us from all over the globe to go mad and SPREAD  the following message!

AFROGRAPHY has recently set up an online donation page for the “Save The Rhino” foundation. This page will be an ongoing donation fund for as long as (unless we somehow MAGICALLY cure the problem through this!) Afrography is on the net and available to all of you wonderful people! We will host events to raise money for the cause and keep it going for anyone feeling in good spirit for a ¬£1 (10R/5$/any currency you wish!) donation to this great cause.

As of the 10th of January 2013 in South Africa alone more than 668 Rhinos have been slaughtered for their horns. Rhinoceros horns, unlike those of other horned mammals (which have a bony core), only consist of keratin (what your HAIR is made of). Rhinoceros horns are used in traditional Asian medicine, and for dagger handles in Yemen and Oman. Think of it like this, people being murdered for their hair so that someone in Asia can make a tool. Slightly ridiculous.

I dont want to clog up your reading time here but when you get a minute take a look at the foundations work here in their INFORMATION PACK, full of great reasons to support them and their cause! As a quick summary in their own words to our Afrography team:

Every single fundraiser is so important, and the money that you are raising is vital to our work. With the current rhino poaching crisis we’re working really hard to be able to equip countries with rhino populations with what they need to combat the poaching. This often includes things like paying salaries for field rangers and providing much needed equipment such as uniforms, sleeping bags and binoculars. We have a list of our recent grants on our website for an idea of where your fundraising will be spent. Click here to read more.

SO here is the deal. WE at Afrography want to continue to provide for you the magic of the bush captured in its finest moments and of course we want to continue to feature the rhino, one of Africa’s most iconic animals, I alone could not imagine an Africa without them. Do us a favour and take 2 second to have a look at our JustGiving page at¬†¬†and be a hero today and send your love with a small donation. All UK readers can text in the code AFRO77¬†plus the amount (e.g. ¬£5) to¬†70070 and you may just provide that last set of binoculars to track that last minute poacher and save one rhino with the potential to mother and produce just one more of these magnificent beasts. Dig deep guys, its our turn to give back to nature.

Below is a selection of wonderful photographs of these beasts in all their glory from our friends at “Photographer Of Africa.” If you need any more motivation for a small donation click here¬†and see why this is such an urgent cause! (Warning – Not for the faint hearted)

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TEXT (UK) AFRO77 plus the amount (e.g. £5) to 70070

SHARE this post for us even if you choose not to donate. We and Africa will love you forever!


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