What’s Inside?

Taken in South Africa*

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a rhino’s horn? A lot of people seem to think that it’s a very important substance but in fact it’s entirely keratin – just like your hair and nails. Unfortunately due to the growing black market trade in rhino horns, many game reserves have had to take steps in protecting the safety of these magnificent beasts.

It may seem confronting but this image shows a White Rhinoceros, with its front horn already removed, having its rear horn cut off. Although the horns are removed, they grow back in a few years and, in studies so far conducted, there have only been minor side effects (none as bad as being killed by a poacher though!). The horn being removed is like an extreme version of trimming your nails, ensuring that it isn’t so close as to touch the nerve at the base.

There are other protective measures being put in place by different game reserves and one can only hope that, in the future, we can see a day that we wont need to implement them anymore.

–Alex Tweedie

(*Please note, another protective measure is not to mention the specific locations of rhinos any more so the author has chosen to only list the country where the photograph was taken.)



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