Naturally Sexy


Another entry from Laura I thought you would all enjoy!

I had no idea what to expect of Tanzania. Even the numerous documentaries didn’t really give me a firm idea of what to expect in my mind. This was especially true for the Ngorongoro Crater.

You are constantly told that this is an amazing bowl of wildlife, so I almost imagined a vibrant green eden inside a steep, cliff sided hollow – much like the view we got at Kyambura Gorge in Uganda.

Looking down from the rim I wasn’t hit with the awe I expected, and almost felt confused why people were so keen to stay on the edge essentially looking out onto a bit of a hill in the distance.

It was the experience we had there that brought the Ngorongoro Crater to life for me.

We were a few hours into our days drive when we came across seven lions sprawled out next to a pool right in the open. There were four females to one side of us and another female with two males on the other.

Lions can sleep like champions and so we thought we were simply going to witness a very long snooze from the pride, until there was a bit of movement from this beautiful male and his female.

The Ngorongoro Crater was the first, and so far, the only place I have ever witnessed lions mating.

You feel a little strange being an observer, almost like you should avert your eyes at the pivital moment! But it did feel unusually special being a part of nature as it happens.


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