Don’t Forget The Little People…

I love getting guests who are ‘brand new’ safari enthusiasts… They have never been to Africa & have only seen our animals on tv!


I love it because:

A) I get to share my passion with them

B) I look amazing when I say – ‘I bet the first animal we see is an impala’ & low and behold, 90% of the time I’m bang on!

What would Kruger be without these beautiful creatures? We often get so bored of seeing them that we drive straight past the herds we see grazing and browsing on the side of the roads.

I bet you didn’t know that these beautiful little gifts from God are actually a keystone species in Kruger… What I mean by that is that most of the predators in Kruger feed on impala – if impala were to vanish like DA officials at an ANC Youth League rally then the predators would be in BIG trouble!

They also are so much fun to photograph! They become so habituated to humans that you can get really close to take some stunning pics 🙂 If you see them through the lens, you actually realise how stunning they are and how perfect they are for their habitat… Drive around and just look at how cute those little babies are! I want one as a pet, but my pet lion would eat him… (Just joking, at least about the lion…)

During the rutting season which runs from January to May, a distinct ‘burping’ sounds echoes in & around the bush… Unruly guests, beer swilling game rangers perhaps? Nope, its male impala chasing other males away from the females and trying to contest for the herd… It sounds funny, but it’s effective 🙂

Next time you are in Kruger, give them some time… You may see something amazing like I did in this photo!


10 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The Little People…

  1. I remember our ranger Marnus stopping to tell us about a herd of impala on my first safari. They all turned round to stare at us then freaked out and cleared off – our only explanation was that they don’t often get such a captivated audience!

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