Are You Listening?

Taken at Kruger National Park

Whilst having lunch at Pafuri, we sat and watched the vervets playing in the trees by the Limpopo River.

It’s important not to feed them as not only do they begin to rely on this as a food source but by giving food, you become the submissive in vervet culture. The higher ranking monkeys can act violently to submissive ones and this can then be carried on to their interactions with people.


–Alex Tweedie


2 thoughts on “Are You Listening?

  1. I had to learn it quickly looking after 2 orphaned ones for a little while, it’s not pretty some days when they try and bite in response to you not letting them have things they think they should have. (One incident got me higher in ranks though and I had less trouble than some of the others with me)

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