It’s The Small Things That Count


A lovely account from Laura McMurtry, on her experience of a walking safari, teaching you that sometimes its the small things that count…

The air was still, crisp and cold. It was the break of dawn and I was
taking my first real tentative steps out into the African bush.

You cannot help but fall in love with the continent on the back of a
landrover during the excitement of a game drive. You get up close to big
game and are delighted and surprised around almost every corner. It can,
however, begin to make you feel complacent and forget how lucky you are to
be experiencing it.

A walking safari is different. You become very aware that you are part of
the land and what’s going on around you. It was that electricity and first
time excitement all over again. Senses hightened and prickingly aware.

Dew glittered on the grass in the golden morning light, making a dazzling
picture of Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda. Breath lingered in the fresh

The bush seemed so still and quiet, like everything was happenening on
another much closer level and you had to work harder to find it.

The strong tang of decay caught in the nostrils and mingled with fresh
dung, dew and churned up earth. They were unmistakable ‘alive’ smells, and
that feeling of being alive was contagious.

We came across many birds, waterbuck having an early morning graze and we
were lucky to find eland near the end of our stroll, but a walk in Lake
Mburo National Park, for me, was never about searching for big game. It was
a reminder of how amazing Africa can be, on every level.

A small gang of bachelor male impalas kicked up the dust on the road ahead
of us. Something you would often take for granted inside a vehicle became
one of the most beautiful things we witnessed that morning


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