Hard Day In The Bushveld

Taken at The Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve, South Africa

This was my first sighting of the “Uncollared Cheetah Brothers”  – Babalo and Lesedi – at Makalali and they happened to be not too far from our home base. As adventures always happen close to home, the two cheetah moved off a little way so we too began to head off when instead of the engine starting, smoke began to billow out out of the bonnet! We immediately radioed and had a rescuer on the way and the car was towed out a short time afterwards and repaired.

These two males are quite big in size compared to most cheetah but cheetah’s teeth, in comparison to other big cats, are relatively small. This is because, being built for speed, they need large nasal passages. These large nasal passages mean there is little room left for the roots of bigger teeth.


–Alex Tweedie


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