Stompie The Elephant

This picture is not of the beloved Stompie but if we get one we shall reveal!

The story of Stompie..
By Robert Williams

As a guide in Kruger over many years 1 sometimes becomes bonded and in a relationship with some animals!One such species for me was a cute male Elephant called “Stompie” (Afrikaans for stub tail)I first became to know him in the early 2000’s were the Older guides pointed out he had lost his tale in a poachers snare but was lucky not to be in serious discomfort other than the fact that he wouldn’t be able to get rid of the ticks on his bum!Legend had it that the snare had been set to trap owls and was in a brach of a tree where Stompie was browsing!

Stompies traits of loving to come and chat to Safari vechiles and his love for extended visits to the females in his alpha herd made Stompie even more famous! He was often seen snatching females for a couple nights rendezvous, much to the matriachs anger! He was often also seen approaching Safari vechiles and nudging them and moving on happily!

Stompie still roams the south western regions of Kruger South of the Sabie river and North of the Phabeni creek! A jovial and lovable bull known for making up for his loss of tale with other parts of his body. How refreshing :).


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