Hungry Eyes


From the wonderful Ngrongoro Crater, very much a natural beauty that will make your jaw drop if you stand on the craters edge and look down, we find this wonderful pride who are clearly starving and ready for a meal! The deathly stare down towards a group of 100+ wildebeest and zebra gives you shivers and makes you very glad that you are sat safely inside a Landi!

The story here was heart throbbing. As this would have been my first live witness of a kill, my reaction to the intensity of the situation really shocked me. My heart rate continually began to rise whilst sitting on the edge trying to get a good shot. The situation lasted a good hour and in the end there was not even a kill even though the wildebeest came within about 20m of the pride! I guess this teaches you that you can never truly know what these magnificent animals are really thinking!

Any pictures of a kill in action we would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to vote!


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